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Zwift Duathlon

First Zwift Duathlon is complete. It was great – especially as I had no tech issues. My set up was using my laptop connecting to Zwift. My new treadmill, Sole F80, is Bluetooth enabled which is super cool as I can direct connect the treadmill to Zwift.

Run 1: there were only 3 in my category – D, seems one dropped out.

Mile 1: 11:05

Mile .89: 10:23 pace

Total time: 20:49

That left me with approximately 9 minutes to transition to the bike – plenty of time.

Saved my run on Zwift, then reconnected to Zwift and my trainer. Perfect..no issues.


I am a solid D rider in the Zwift world (under 2.5 watts/kg). This race is interesting as it’s a double draft race – meaning if you get dropped – goodbye group! Well, I think I stayed in the pack for about 10 minutes then was on my own kind of like real life. The pack was gone. On my own but in the end my consistency makes it seem like I don’t need the pack.

Loop 1: 22:28

Loop 2: 44:48 elapsed time – which is about 7 seconds faster probably because I looked up the next event time as I was worried, I might miss the run since I didn’t have anyone to draft off of.

Loop 3: 1:08 elapsed time – around less than a minute lost on the last lap – since I realized I would make the run start. I know don’t do math when racing lol.

Next race I’ll use my bike computer as I’d like to know my paces on the laps instead of manually calculating them.

The results showed 11 riders, I think only 5 are official since they aren’t in Zwift Power App which is a requirement. I ended the ride in 4th place out of those 5.

Had about 6 minutes to spare for transition. Not really worried about the transition but was worried about not having cushion if connections didn’t work. Thankfully again – reconnected and was ready to go with a few minutes to spare. Able to load up my foot with some Aquaphor since I have a start of a blister.

Second Run:

Started out a little slower – trying to work on what I would l do in a race. Then picked up pace – can’t figure out why the last .1 is a slower pace – I was not going slower. Weird.

Mile 1: 11:36

Mile 2: 10:46

Mile 3: 10:06

Guessing the 2 min ‘penalty’ might have been added on to have it go 11:53 pace for the .10 since I know I wasn't slowing down at the end. Really happy no matter what happened. Run felt great.

Super fun morning and look forward to doing it soon!

The set up for today - not my normal set up as my bike trainer is usually upstairs.

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For more information on the event: https://www.zwift.si/info/


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