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19 for #19

1. No visit the porto on the RUN! No poop stop. This is amazing. I don't remember a race where this didn't happen! …..

2. As usual I have high expectations for my bike...Expectations met: AWESOME bike split.

3. Without my slow transition I was 17th in my AG for the bike - with my 6:26 min run from the beach, putting sunscreen on and apparently doing other stuff I dropped to 45 at least the transition was a PR from Oceanside and the last CDA.

4. If I change my batteries on my Power Tap pedals, I should double check that they not connect to my garmin before race day. DUMB. Therefore...I had no power meter for my race. Managed my HR well as I did have a good run.

5. Recognize that I had a 39-minute PR on this course for 2018, just because I had a stress fracture for 2016 and walked the half in 3:02 shouldn’t diminish this weekend’s results.

6. Consistency is my middle name- my swim in 2016 was 45:46, my swim in 2018 was 45:30. 16 seconds difference - I'll take that PR.

7. Consistency is still my middle name- my bike in 2016 was 3:12:20, my swim in 2018 was 3:12:46. 26 seconds difference - stupid rock in my shoe that I stopped to take out ;).

8. Consistency – my run was solid based on the heat. I was only off 2 min from my Oceanside half 2 months ago. I probably started out a bit fast for the heat…

9. Consistency seems to be off setting the typical slow down with age. 2 years and I didn't lose anything on my swim or my bike. I am healthy and running happy these days.

10. Lucky to know/recognize friends on this course, no matter the team we are all lucky to get to do this wonderful sport.

11. A hug from a co-worker/another crazy triathlete can give you better wings then Red Bull - thanks Mike Smith.

12. When asked how was your race Ann? My usual answer – it was Great- my races are always great because I trained, I showed up, I raced and I finished. Do I struggle absolutely...it's never perfect, but by the last 1/2 mile to that finish line I am always happy.

13. 12 years doing triathlon and I am still passionate and having a blast.

14. People comment about me always smiling - my race tactics is to smile so that when I purchase those pictures it brings back happy memories.

15. CDA is one of the BEST 70.3 races out there. The community support is amazing. The volunteers at the aid stations are phenomenal.

16. Team mates staying until the last team member crosses the finish line is why you join a team. Tons of folks cheering for racers!

17. Outback Steak House is one of my favorite pre-race dinners, along with the Keg. Yum.

18. Happy to have Diana back as a race travel buddy.

19. Looking forward to many more races, training and helping others to find their passion in swimming, bike and/or running.


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