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Randomly ordered thoughts from the weekend for Ironman #9

  • Kick ass bike! 6:29 - NAILED it and felt amazing.

  • First lap of the swim – 45 minutes – dead on consistent. Swim over all: 1:33 super happy as there were no issues. Thanks to Teresa Webb and my 'lane mates' who keep me coming to the pool. #vasa for strength.

  • No bathroom issues entire race day.

  • The 3 guys who chuckled and commented that I was walking faster than they were running. Continuing to play leapfrog with them while they ran/walked too. This made it a fun lap.

  • Pacing a runner while I walked fast for about 2 miles until I told him to get going to make sure he made the cut off as I was on loop 3 and he was on loop 2.

  • The hand squeeze from a 24 year old who as he passed said, there is that ‘power walker’ again – I confessed I did run a bit. 😉

  • Fist bump when finishing the swim

  • The smiles from riders when I passed saying Happy Ironman Day. I think I said Happy Ironman Day at least 100 times.

  • The cheers from the crowd that came when I yelled Happy Ironman Day - note my hand position. ;) Not very aero but I was busy encouraging cheering and that's how I roll.

  • Tailwind nutrition on the bike – AMAZING stuff.

  • Beautiful views on the bike course – can’t get much better than biking through winery country, other than maybe stopping for a glass (or two. 😉)

  • Meeting Lisa’s 79 year old Dad – who was so much fun to hang around who was always in a good mood. Such a pleasure having him around during the weekend.

  • Racing/traveling with buddies

  • In and Out burger

The finish line

Gratitude to:

  • Steve - best supporter a gal can ever have. Keeping me fed and loved in all ways possible. He lets me be me.

  • Diana H. - being a great sherpa and being a lot like me.

  • Teresa and Mark Webb for giving me an opportunity to give back to the sport and support others on this wonderful journey of triathlon. I am so happy and honored to be part of the coaching team. I so enjoy supporting teammates for workouts, races and continue to learn. (www.tnmultisports.com)

  • The athletes I coach - as they ignite my passion even more as they inspire me to learn more, do my best and make me want to be a better athlete/coach. (thank you Angie and Kevin!!)

  • TN Teammates who inspire me and who I love working out with and getting to know! Chelan camp was an amazing experience!

  • Zwift community and the opportunity to lead weekly ride/runs. #gozwifttri

  • Kinetic Trainer - being selected as a brand ambassador. #kinetictrainer

  • My work team - who is are my second family. Lucky to have the most amazing manager - Donna!

  • Fuel House Run Club peeps

  • All of you who continue to follow me on this wonderful triathlon journey. I am so very grateful to be able to do this sport and live the life I do.

Next up: CDA 70.3, Ironman Arizona #10 - and maybe a more detailed race report for Santa Rosa.

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