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Orange Theory got me BACK to Pool

Back into the pool?

If you read my prior posts regarding my love of the vasa and how it allowed me to not go to the pool, thought it might be time to admit I am BACK in the pool.

Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE my vasa and use it regularly. But in Jan, during my BRIEF out season, I realized that I needed to get back to the pool as I am a triathlete.

In Jan I joined Orange Theory for all the reasons we all try it. Looks fun and exciting. Orange Theory is a fantastic option for lots of people. It’s focused, provides cardio and weights. It’s dark and loud. I went to 5 or 6 classes, enjoyed them.

One day as I finished up class and was thinking why am I doing OT? Will this help me with my triathlon training – maybe but surprise – I already do a ton of cardio. The weights, well, they are good but considering t

hat I have access to Kettelbells and am a certified instructor I thought I ‘can’ do this on my own. Lastly, the conversation in my head was for the amount I am paying for OT, I can pay that same amount to Seattle Athletic Club (SAC), have an awesome swim coach, fantastic lane mates and work on my swimming in the pool.

As of Feb, I am back in the pool 2 days a week. I have realized that I am happy I took time off from the pool as I have come back with renewed interest in the pool. Thankfully it’s community and consistency. Happy to have lane mates and accountability which is always a plus.

I have done a set of 4K and 3K on the vasa on damper door #2 which is up from last year. I am feeling stronger in the pool and seeing good solid numbers.

Super happy to have tried Orange Theory as it led me back to the pool. Find what motivates you ….and follow that path.

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