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Tale of Two Half Marathons

Zwift and IRL (in real life) a comparison

Zwift Half Marathon

Feb 23, I ran a half marathon on a treadmill. Yes, 13.2 miles on a treadmill thanks to Zwift Running and fellow Zwifter Ryan. Ryan posted an offer to do a run/walk so I jumped into the group. Ryan was great – he decided the run intervals would be 10:30ish pace for a mile then we’d walk for a mile and regroup. 5 of us formed our wonderful virtual group.


  • No bathroom lines before the start

  • 1 pm start option so got my 3-hour bike ride in before the run

  • Discord voice channel to chat each walk break – such fun.

  • The end of the walking mile where we all said – talk in 10!

  • Looking forward to the walk break

  • The bathroom break around mile 3 where we all pretty much took a break.

  • Who knew 3 hours could go by that fast

  • A kid found our discord channel via google so that was quite funny as he had no idea what he was listening to.

  • No chaffing as no race belts and I was able to run in shorts and a running bra

  • Learning about the 5 folks and their lives


  • 3 hours is a long time to be on a treadmill

  • No ‘bling’ or finish line picture, cause anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the race pictures!

  • Was more sore than I expected since there wasn't terrain changes

A week later an ‘IRL’ Half Marathon

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon, Redmond Wa.

Couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for an outside run. Bluest of blue skies and the views were spectacular as they were of snow-covered mountains and Lake Sammamish.


  • Gorgeous day

  • Being outside getting my vitamin D

  • Seeing lots of friends on the course

  • Cheering on others who may have been struggling

  • General energy of having people around you

  • Crossing a ‘real’ finish line

  • Getting a medal and hopefully a few pics

  • Meeting friends for lunch after the race

  • Even paces for the entire 13.2 miles

  • 2:12 minutes was better than 3 hours.

  • No bathroom stops for me


  • Bathroom line, but at least it was short

  • 29 degrees at start line

  • Getting up early on a Saturday

  • Not actually running ‘with’ anyone, did this one on my own

  • Chafing as I ran in two shirts because it was cold and I am not use to running in the cold.

So…in the end, yes outside half was way more spectacular than my basement on the treadmill. On any given day, I’d rather run outside in the fresh air and all the other things that go with the ability run outside.

But….honestly when you break up the treadmill run like we did, have a big tv for zwift, a fan, ipad for texting and iphone for my music, discord, and being in shape to do this – I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It’s great to have the option of Zwift Running. Reach out if you want company on Zwift Running!

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