• thehappytriathlete

Grateful, thankful, inspired, lucky, appreciative, powerful

Over the last week, I have experienced or seen acts of these over the last week.

Feb 2, I started the Tour of Sufferlandria. Now in its seventh year, the Tour of Sufferlandria is a nine-day stage showcasing the Sufferfest application, engaging with athletes for training and fun, all to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation and their programs to help those affected by Parkinson's Disease.

The application allows you to easy reduce the intensity so you can ‘die’ and suffer horribly or be like me and adjust to meet your needs. Knowing this is not my A race and I am training for IM Santa Rosa I wanted to ensure I could fit this in with my training and not suffer too harsh of consequences. This is a great training motivator and overall exciting week raising money for Parkinsons.

The app for the month is 12.99 plus a donation. You need to do the stages in order and during the 50 hour window each stage is open. The social aspect of the Tour can be found within the videos, text flashing on the screen, the music and finally Facebook. The community on facebook was super educational and VERY positive. Clearly everyone in the FB groups were there for the tour and one another. Bad behavior was rare and if it did appear – it was quickly dealt with. The Women of Sufferlandria was amazing place for us too. Cheer one another on regarding the tour aspirations as well as the struggles that many face in life and over the ‘tour week’. People from around the world helping others – this is what it’s all about. Each day was a different workout/video pushing different limits. Again, the app allows you to make the workout harder or easier. The Elements of Style was an awesome one as it got back to basics on pedaling and skills. There were two videos which were just released for the Tour. With the music, ever changing workouts and reporting back on completion it was super fun. I plan on doing it again next year.

To donate: ParkinsonDonate

As if Parkinson's isn't enough...there is also the terrible ALS disease.

Sunday was going to be a run only day or rest day for me, but Zwift announced a special ride sponsored by Andre Greipel for an ALS Challenge. My husband, Steve, has a friend who has the debilitating disease so I decided I can and WILL do the ride. It was freaking amazing. Again, the texting aspect of Zwift shows some much about the community. There were over 1400 riders on the ride. Andre himself texted and answered questions. People shared who they were riding for – mothers, sons, friends for friends. Some stuck out to me – a mother who was riding in memory of her son, a man who was riding for his buddy who is 25 and was just diagnosed. So many others. There were riders from all over the world and texting in other languages. On our last interval, someone texted it was getting hard – I wrote back – imagine how hard daily life is for those with ALS. One hour of my life to encourage others and spread the word about ALS. Donations can be made here: https://www.als.net/

We all live in our own world so I am happy to be reminded to appreciate all that I have and know there are others who are fighting and struggling.

I am grateful for my health and continue to move every day – for me and hopefully others. Powerful to be 51 and able to continue to move and love biking as much as I do. Inspired and appreicatvie of being able to LEARN from different communities – I learn something from each event I participate it.

So …what are you – Grateful for, thankful for, inspired by, appreciative of, doing to feel powerful ?!?!? Pick something and get at it!