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What a way to Kick of 2019


Stomp the Trainer turned into Stomp the trails which meant running a mile each day of January. 31 days = 31 runs. Run Every Day. It was a great learning experience and fun to see everyone's post in our little group.

January brought my first Zwift lead event. I was able to do 4 weeks of a bike workout followed by a T-Run. Finally worked out the kinks on the transitions. The last bike/run were really fun as I had chatty folks on the ride and had 2 folks join me on the run. Unfortunately, I am getting bumped from my time slot due to this famous triathlete called Mark Allen. So my Tuesday rides will be discontinued for a while.

Consistency for the WIN(s)!!!!

Show up and see what happens!

FIRST in the WSB (Washington State Bike Association) Sweatfest race series. The series was 8 weeks, I raced 6 of the 8 weeks. The women’s D field is not large so show up, race and good things happen. Since I won first place, I’ll be moving up to C group. I am borderline D/C and figure rather that possibly ‘win’ again, I should work on improving.

Next up a FAST 10 K – whoop! 55:30. This is my second fastest 10 K ever. Amazing. The first 5K was 27:49, was thinking that was enough for a base line test so thought I’d walk a little and then have an ‘easy’ finish. Probably walked about 20 seconds then said WTF – let’s get on it. It was a powerful lesson about the mind vs the body. My mind was totally talking my body out of going hard. Thankfully, I talked my mind into seeing what my body could do…and amazingly enough I didn’t slow down during that second 5k, well except for that little walk break.

Even hurting I can still smile for camera.

Continuing with the consistency motto….

Stretching EVERY DAY also is keeping me healthy. Got a new app called SWORKIT, it’s pretty cool. For stretching, while I KNOW a ton of stretches, first thing in the morning, I’d rather not think so I’d rather have someone instruct me and time me otherwise I might just nap instead of stretch.

My Go to Instructional Videos:

  • SWORKIT because you can pick the exercise time and various stretches.

  • 5 minutes of Turkish Get ups. LOVE those as they are full body workouts. Awesome walk through of the TGU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP50sGAbXLs or if you are local happy to do a training with you in person, just reach out.

  • Another great full body warm up: https://youtu.be/ECszVlO4rOg

Meditation: Each night I am going to sleep listening to Headspace – for sleeping. It’s made a big difference in turning off my brain and getting to sleep.

Might expand that over the next few months.

Best of all - I am re-introducing Kettlebells into my training!


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